Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cowboy boots!

     In the gallery below you will find a drawing I did today while helping a young lady learn to draw.  I set up a still life of some old cowboy boots around 5pm today and now, at 12:18 am I am finished.  It didn't take quite that long to draw & render but I had motherly chores to do in between...make dinner, do laundry, rock a little cowgirl to sleep...the usual. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Newest Gallery Addition!

     I recently finished a new piece of artwork.  So recently that I still have pastel on my hands and I'm dizzy from the fixative.  I decided to take a break from my normal style and try something whimsical.  I call it "Whimsy Pasture."  It's media is pastel and its image area is 25" x 15 1/2".
    This piece is for sale but ones like it can easily be ordered and customized to your liking.  I can add your family/farm name, quote, brand, or welcome to the clouds and I can change the animals to a different species...whatever trips your trigger.  
     The price begins at $200  matted and framed, additional requests may be subject to additional cost.  Half of the total is due upon ordering.  Shipping and handling extra.
     There is still time to order in time for Christmas...but you better hurry so I can beat Santa's deadline! 
      To order call 517-726-0817...ask for Christine...but honestly, who else answers the phone around here?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

      Hey all!   I can't believe how busy life gets when school starts.  I am, for the most part, a stay at home mom and I have a hard time keeping my head above schedule...I mean water.  I think women who hold down a household, raise children and have a full time job are amazing. 
      Halloween was fun...I went as a French artist of course. I had the beret, pencil thin curly mustache and all.  I looked very authentic as I painted faces in Mrs. Billings 3rd grade class.  I even did my best to speak French...Wee Wee...No No...but that's all I know. 
      Volleyball season is over until next year.  That has lightened my load.  I had an extremely smart girl on my team who would correct me when I'd say "come on girls, we are only down by 4!"  To which she would reply "Um, Coach!  We are down by 6!"  Call me an optimist or a poor mathematician, either way artists are generally not known for their math skills.  She would also read something that someone else had written and giggle and point out the grammar & punctuation errors.  Needless to say, I hope she doesn't read my blog...it's an editors nightmare!  Anyhoo, I really loved those girls and had a 'ball' with them.  I'm proud to send them on to JV, hopefully having grown as athletes.
      Elections are also over which, being election chair in my township, has kept me hoppin' for some time.  I won't bring politics into this blog.  My mother raised me right...politics & religion are best kept around the kitchen table.  I do love to sit around mom's table and listen to her and my Aunt Lou discuss the latest happenings in Washington while I sip on a hot cup of coffee.  On occasion I might get in a word or two.  We three were cut from the same cloth...about politics and religion...so we can let our opinions fly at moms table.
     I have been doing a little bit of art along the way.  Now that things should quiet down for a couple weeks I have a list of 'art' projects to get done.  Since I took a little nap during Toy Story 3 I might be able to get something done tonight yet.  By the way, how sad was the ending to that movie?  That is the last time I allow my husband to pick the movie.  Of course I guess I was the one who wanted to see "Up."  I began crying at the beginning and never got it together again until the ride home.  I'm really not that soft but Walt Disney knows how to choke me up.
     Old feelings are starting to appear...getting teary...better go take my mind off children's movies.  Have a great night!  -Christine

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The latest in what's rattling around in my brain!

     Howdy friends and neighbors...Its been a while since I've had a moment to post.  I apologize to my loyal readers (ok...reader.  Thanks Mom!).  What's new in the life of this artist?  My days are usually spent in preparation for my 3 kids after school activities:  Cleaning uniforms, gathering cold weather gear, putting supper in a crock pot to be eaten at 8:30 at night...usual stuff every mother has to do.  I have been coaching 8th grade volleyball and then going to football practices each night and keeping up with everything else those yahoos are in to.
     I have a story to tell you.  Please don't think I'm so pompous as to think my kids are any better or nicer than the majority of others because I don't.  In fact I'm very lucky that they have surrounded themselves with a great group of friends.  That takes a lot of the worry out of mothering knowing the group they hang out with know right from wrong.  With that said, here goes my little story.
    I love football season but I'm also glad when we can get back to nightly family time (for 2 weeks before wrestling season starts).  I don't like to brag...who am I kidding, yes I do, I just try to refrain...as I was saying, I don't like to brag but my boys are pretty nice boys (and my daughter is very nice too) and sometimes it takes pretty nice boys a little longer to find there groove in aggressive sports.  Well they've found their groove...It just took my 2nd son a little longer.  They have become such great football players, not because they are natural talents but because they know how to work hard, give it all they have and keep a good attitude, win or lose. 
     This has been on my mind a lot lately since I saw a post on Facebook. A gal wrote about how proud her son was that he broke another kids arm in football.  "It's a boy thing" she thought. 
     That really bothered me. After all these years of raising nice boys I had hoped that learning to be aggressive at sports has not challenged their basic principles.  So I called the boys in and asked them, "How would you feel if you accidentally broke another kids arm in a football game"?  Their response made me sigh with a great deal of relief.  With a disappointed look as if they were shocked that I'd even ask such a question they answered, "BAD".
    I think it sometimes gets lost, in the heat of competition and wanting our children to be 'the' best on the field or court, that athletics are a small part of their life.  Their core personality and moral beliefs have got to carry them through their whole life.  Being kind, considerate and happy go lucky doesn't make them weak.  I think we as parents need to be happy that they are 'their' best on the field or court and in life in general. 
    Why am I blogging about this?  I really don't know!  I'm usually not to philosophically deep.  You caught me on a deep thought day.  Maybe it's running into to many people who are wearing their bad day all over their face.  What a cliche it is to say but here it goes...Life to short! 
    I'm not saying I don't have problems...all folks do.  Believe me...I can get my dander up!  What I am saying is that you have to find a way to fix what you can, accept what you can't, and move happily on!
   Feel free to remind me of my words if I'm not living up to them.  Shame on me for lecturing.  My mother, who will be reading this, will certainly remind me.  Mothering never takes a holiday.  I have learned that "that's a good thing" (pardon the Martha Stewart moment).
     Well that's all I got.  Don't blame me, blame the Skinny Artist website guy who told me to write often on my blog even when it has nothing to do with what I'm selling. 
     In the infinite wisdom of Roy Rogers, "Happy Trails to you until we meet again."


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello my long lost blog!

     This seems like unfamiliar territory...I almost needed a compass to find my blog.  School is back in session and it seems I have lost all control of my schedule.  It takes a community to keep me pointed in the right direction.  I am knee deep in important matters such as Boy Scouts, youth football & volleyball, dance & fiddle lessons.  Then there's the pesky business of feeding children & helping with homework.  I bet I don't have to tell you that as an artist...7th grade math is over my head!
     This year I have taken on the task of 8th grade volleyball coach for my local high school.  I haven't played since high school...a lot has changed in the last 10 years (...or so. I told you I wasn't good at math.)  We had our first game last night and we lost.  The good news is that I learned a lot and so did my team.  We get to play them again & then watch out...they won't recognize us with all our improvement.  We'll see how this plan plays out...it looks good on paper.
     Life often gets in the way of art.  The busier I get the further I get from my career goals.  I do try to remind myself that all of these life experiences make me, hopefully, a better artist.  I get inspiration from the things I do and the people I know.  And the busier I get the more I appreciate the quiet time when I get to sit down and create something special. 
     Enough of the 'Hallmark' special.  I'm really not that sappy of a person.  In fact the older I get (29 in Chrissy math) the less serious I am about most things in general.  Everyone should learn to let things slide off  off their back a little more... like water off a ducks butt (or was that a ducks back...I can't recall).  I too need to be reminded of that when I sometimes get my dander up about something...usually when I think my child has been done wrong.  But then I always remember my dad's words of wisdom, "just simmer down."  Sound advice!
     Well that's all I have rolling around in my head tonight.  I'm off to do something creative...Just what I don't know...I'll try not to be such a 'blog' stranger.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Favorite Websites!

      I have recently added links to my favorite websites on my blog...I mean 'on-line studio'.   I still think 'blog' is an ugly word.  I have a couple sites that are for artists, one site is for fellow Dolly Parton lovers (Holler if you're out there!),Miss Rodeo Americas website because I am a pageant alumni (hard to believe it's been 18 years since those wild and woolly rodeo days) and my favorite site, instructables.com. 
      The instructables site is great for everybody...especially scout leaders, teachers, & anyone just looking for something fun to do.  I've been a scout leader for years and finding this site has saved me.  Say you have an abundance of paper clips, just search the site for paper clips and find out everything you can make or do with them.  I have also used some of the things I've found for fund raisers and did really well.  Check it out...I bet you'll be there for hours...like I tend to do!
     I must go to bed.  It's the end of the Labor Day weekend.  We took the kids camping at the best campground ever (Grandma & Grandpa's pond. Sorry... there's only one plug in and we've reserved it indefinitely!).  After packing up about noon we cleaned up & took the kids school shopping.  Maybe I procrastinated that chore til the last minute but it was still a good time.  Although...taking 2 boys clothes shopping is a challenge on any woman's patience.  It's funny the difference in their attitudes between Kohl's & Gander Mountain...if the latter wasn't so expensive they could totally outfit themselves for school there, however, I have a hard time seeing how a new .22 is a "school supply." 
   Goodnight readers!  -Christine

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artist for Hire!!!

Hey Everybody!  I have been working on some watercolors lately.  I have a couple drawn out so all I have to do is paint, paint, paint!!!  I will be donating something to the Thornapple Arts Council benefit auction and to the local United Way auction...just what I don't know yet.  Sometimes great ideas hit me at 2am...currently it's 9:24am so I'm a blank on great ideas at the moment.

Only one week left before school starts.  I wish it would go on and on but I know that I will have more time to work on my art with kids gone for the day.  They just seem to want to be fed 3 times a day...that really breaks up a gals creative flow.

One last thing before I go...I am adding my email address & my facebook to this blog so there are more ways to contact me if any one needs to hire an artist...for art, not the dishes!!!

Everyone have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!!  Honk if you read this!!!

Take care, Christine

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on nothing much!

     I have internet again...Yeah!!!   If poor internet service is the only set back for living in the country then I can endure. It's amazing what I can accomplish when you take away my toys.  I haven't been doing anything "artwise" for the last week.  I have been trying to get done the things I neglect when I'm in the "creative zone"...Yes housework, I'm talking about you!!!
     I have a portrait that needs to get out the door soon & then I am excited to start another original piece of art that I have kicking around in my head...What will it be?  We shall see!!!  Let the creative juices flow! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Honk if you read this!!!

     Howdy to you all!!!  Well, the Gun Lake Art Hop was a little slow...more of a crawl than a hop...but I was tickled to be there none the less.  Thanks to Petra Hinkle who kept her business open late to host myself and Sue Sawyer, a pottery artist.  Hinkle's Body Shop was a really neat place to be.  The office part of the shop was a museum for car lovers.  Stop in & look around...you'll be pleasantly surprised.
     My next show will be in Delton in December...here's hopin' anyways...my truck prefers to start less when it's cold.  I'll get there even if I have to hitch a ride with an Amish neighbor.  Giddy up!
    So I hustled to get the pastel of the cowgirl & pony in time for the show for few to see.  It is for sale & will be on display in Delton if I still own it.  While I sit here chit chatting I'm missing out on some time I could be getting something new started. So with that said...I'm off to get busy! 

      Have a great Sunday!!!    -Christine

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is there life out there???

    Check! Check! Check!...Tap! Tap! Tap!...Is this thing on???
    No worries. I'll figure this thing out and I'll have people busting through my blog door!!!  Just you wait and see!
   There's not a lot on my mind at 3am but I did get my latest piece of art matted and framed and ready to sell (here's hopin').  I'm all ready for the Gun Lake Art Hop...or if I don't go to bed soon...the Gun Lake Artist Who Fell Asleep in Public!  No one wants to see that!
Zzzz, Snort, Zzzz  -Christine

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just a Reminder!!!

     Just a reminder about the Gun Lake Art Hop.  If you're at all like me you enjoy little reminders...life's little sticky notes.  However, I can have "sticky notes" all over and still forget things.  The other night I had a bag that had to be returned to my boys football practice.  I sat it right in front of the door thinking "surely I won't forget it now".  I stepped over it in a hurry to get there on time.  I think it is has less to do with my forgetfulness as it does with the fact that there is just sooo much going on in my life.  The human brain can only hold so much...and mine even less.
    I forgot why I started to post!  Oh yeah...The Gun Lake Art Hop!  This Friday, August 20th, from 5-8pm.  I'll be at Hinkle's Body Shop and Service Center.  It's hosted by the Thornapple Arts Council and they do a great job of making it a good time for sure.  I sure hope to see you there. 
     Well I have lots to do before then so I gotta git!  Take care!  -Christine

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gun Lake Art Hop!

     I will be at the Gun Lake Art Hop this Friday August 20th from 5-8pm.  You can find me at Hinkle's Body Shop and Service Center.  I will be displaying a different array of custom fine art and my latest pastel drawing of a cowgirl and her pony.  The Thornapple Arts Council hosts the event which includes entertainment and a trolley to get people to different artists around town.  Make my day and come see me!!!   Thanks- Christine

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Pastel Drawing Posted!

    I have finished my latest pastel drawing!  It is posted below...I hope you enjoy!    -Christine

Pert Near Done!!!

     I am almost done with a pastel drawing of a young cowgirl with her pony.  If the stars are aligned just right it may be done today...or as we say in the country..."God willin' and the creek don't rise." 
     If any one's reading this....Thanks a bunch!  Christine  :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


     I am more than half way complete on a pastel image of a cowgirl with her pony.  Though if you factor in the procrastination process I am still days away from finishing.  If you're waiting with baited breath...don't!  Right now the pressing matter I have going on is watching 'Last Comic Standing'.  I prefer to think of it as "appreciating other art forms."  I feel the same about 'As the World Turns'...but that's  a procrastination...I mean "art form" for tomorrow!

   Until tomorrow (maybe), Christine

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Buy my art!...It's highly recommended by my parents!

      Well hello!!...Check me out...I have 3 followers now!  I don't want to get to high & mighty...one of them is my mom & dad.  But they'll be the first to always give my art a glowing recommendation.   So buy my art...it's highly recommended by my parents. 
     That reminds me of this dumpy little hotel in Vegas where the big sign reads "highly recommended by the owner!"  Do you really want to gamble on that nights sleep?
     Anyhoo...I am working on a new piece.  It is very hard to find time to do art with my kids home but I hope to have it finished to display at the Gun Lake Art Hop on August 20.  I hope to see you there!
     Goodness...It's 11:30 at night.  The night is young for coyotes and artists...I better get to work!

     Take Care, Christine

Monday, August 2, 2010

Whoa darn it!!!

    In addition to art, I work the elections in my township.  It keeps me one step away from calling myself a "starving artist"!...Let's face it...Besides my husband having a good job, I live a couple miles up a dirt road from my parents...I will never starve!  But anyways, I love politics & the election process but my schedule lately is like a runaway pony.  I want to holler "WHOA DARN IT"!  Between kids' fiddle & piano lessons, scout meetings, football & volleyball , & 4-H I will find time to post more art. 
   Well, that's just about all I have on my mind.  Let me know if you're in a "Whoa Darn It" predicament...we can start a support group...but I guess noone would have time to attend the meetings.
     Until we meet again....Happy Trails!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

     Hello and welcome to my blog!  What an ugly word...how about "Welcome to my on-line studio"!!!  I'll put the coffee pot on just in case someone decides to stop by and view my work!  As of now I'm really just talking to myself...I hope that will change soon! 
     I have posted quite a bit of my artwork and will try to add more as it comes along.  I have only recently began to publicly show my work after a 12 year vacation...if you call raising kids a vacation...which I do because being a full time mom is the greatest thing I've ever done.  That said...I'm back at it! 
     I showed my work recently in Nashville, MI.  I was terribly nervous showing my work again after so many years, especially in a neighboring town where everyone knows me.  It's so much easier to take criticism from strangers...but wonderfully I received nothing but compliments.  Whew!!!  Thanks to the Thornapple Arts Council and Putnam Library who hosted me.
     And this past Friday night I was hosted by Gilmore Jewelers in Hastings, MI at the Hastings Art Hop.  Again I was very well received and I so appreciate it.  Next I will be at the Gun Lake Art Hop on August, 20th.
     I guess that's all I have to say at the moment...If you read this, "Thanks a bunch"!   
Christine Gardner Terpening
Moonshine Fine Art Studio