Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artist for Hire!!!

Hey Everybody!  I have been working on some watercolors lately.  I have a couple drawn out so all I have to do is paint, paint, paint!!!  I will be donating something to the Thornapple Arts Council benefit auction and to the local United Way auction...just what I don't know yet.  Sometimes great ideas hit me at 2am...currently it's 9:24am so I'm a blank on great ideas at the moment.

Only one week left before school starts.  I wish it would go on and on but I know that I will have more time to work on my art with kids gone for the day.  They just seem to want to be fed 3 times a day...that really breaks up a gals creative flow.

One last thing before I go...I am adding my email address & my facebook to this blog so there are more ways to contact me if any one needs to hire an artist...for art, not the dishes!!!

Everyone have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!!  Honk if you read this!!!

Take care, Christine


  1. I'm not known for being a good follower Chris, but I will attempt to follow you lol. Nice page!


  2. Thanks Kath...I know you're more of a leader...so start leading people in! So far not many have followed my popcorn trail! --Chris

  3. Hey Chris,
    I got signed in to your blog. I'll pass on your work. Cathy M.

  4. Thanks Cathy!!! I appreciate that...especially if you pass it on to all the rich art lovers you know! -Christine