Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The latest in what's rattling around in my brain!

     Howdy friends and neighbors...Its been a while since I've had a moment to post.  I apologize to my loyal readers (ok...reader.  Thanks Mom!).  What's new in the life of this artist?  My days are usually spent in preparation for my 3 kids after school activities:  Cleaning uniforms, gathering cold weather gear, putting supper in a crock pot to be eaten at 8:30 at night...usual stuff every mother has to do.  I have been coaching 8th grade volleyball and then going to football practices each night and keeping up with everything else those yahoos are in to.
     I have a story to tell you.  Please don't think I'm so pompous as to think my kids are any better or nicer than the majority of others because I don't.  In fact I'm very lucky that they have surrounded themselves with a great group of friends.  That takes a lot of the worry out of mothering knowing the group they hang out with know right from wrong.  With that said, here goes my little story.
    I love football season but I'm also glad when we can get back to nightly family time (for 2 weeks before wrestling season starts).  I don't like to brag...who am I kidding, yes I do, I just try to refrain...as I was saying, I don't like to brag but my boys are pretty nice boys (and my daughter is very nice too) and sometimes it takes pretty nice boys a little longer to find there groove in aggressive sports.  Well they've found their groove...It just took my 2nd son a little longer.  They have become such great football players, not because they are natural talents but because they know how to work hard, give it all they have and keep a good attitude, win or lose. 
     This has been on my mind a lot lately since I saw a post on Facebook. A gal wrote about how proud her son was that he broke another kids arm in football.  "It's a boy thing" she thought. 
     That really bothered me. After all these years of raising nice boys I had hoped that learning to be aggressive at sports has not challenged their basic principles.  So I called the boys in and asked them, "How would you feel if you accidentally broke another kids arm in a football game"?  Their response made me sigh with a great deal of relief.  With a disappointed look as if they were shocked that I'd even ask such a question they answered, "BAD".
    I think it sometimes gets lost, in the heat of competition and wanting our children to be 'the' best on the field or court, that athletics are a small part of their life.  Their core personality and moral beliefs have got to carry them through their whole life.  Being kind, considerate and happy go lucky doesn't make them weak.  I think we as parents need to be happy that they are 'their' best on the field or court and in life in general. 
    Why am I blogging about this?  I really don't know!  I'm usually not to philosophically deep.  You caught me on a deep thought day.  Maybe it's running into to many people who are wearing their bad day all over their face.  What a cliche it is to say but here it goes...Life to short! 
    I'm not saying I don't have problems...all folks do.  Believe me...I can get my dander up!  What I am saying is that you have to find a way to fix what you can, accept what you can't, and move happily on!
   Feel free to remind me of my words if I'm not living up to them.  Shame on me for lecturing.  My mother, who will be reading this, will certainly remind me.  Mothering never takes a holiday.  I have learned that "that's a good thing" (pardon the Martha Stewart moment).
     Well that's all I got.  Don't blame me, blame the Skinny Artist website guy who told me to write often on my blog even when it has nothing to do with what I'm selling. 
     In the infinite wisdom of Roy Rogers, "Happy Trails to you until we meet again."



  1. I enjoyed your post! Keep writing and keep raising your kids the way you are...it is obviously working! Hope all is well up your way and it does sound like you keep busy! Have a great day!


  2. Football is a very intense sport, and it takes a mean person to play this mean game. My coach told me I was too nice of a person outside of football with good family, faith, and girlfriend, and that the real me needed to leave once it comes to Friday night under the lights. Took me awhile to catch that football spirit, but I did this year!
    Miss you and your family!


  3. Hi Cheyenne...good to hear from you. This makes me think of our days in the spotlight and how I, and I'm guessing you, couldn't imagine anything greater than the rodeo's we were in and the thought of that Miss Rodeo America title. Amazing as those moments were, it's funny how motherhood changes your perspective on things...Now we're really living!!!

    Hi Ryan...We miss you too! With all do respect I disagree with your coach...there is a huge difference between mean and aggressive. You can be aggresive without the mean...and I have a feeling you'd be by a strangers bedside if you were the cause of a broken bone! You can't fool me, you're one of the good guys. Good thing since your dating my niece...Ha! Ha! :) Love ya!!!