Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


   Now available!  I have published my book, Liberty Lil, for immediate download at www.barnesandnoble.com and at www.amazon.com  I hope you buy it today and share it with the children in your life.  Not only will they learn a lot about history and government elections, they will laugh, cover to cover (if you can say that about an e-book).    Here is a brief overview of the book from Liberty Lil herself:

      Don't roll your eyes at another book about a school election. I, Liberty Lil, will keep you laughing while glued to your e-reader as I struggle to climb the rickety ladder to political popularity. This story is filled with hilarity, from the first page to the last, as comical embarrassments happen to poor, unfortunate me.
      I, Liberty Lil, am an unpopular, uncoordinated and unlucky sixth grader at Maple Street Elementary who dares (and dreams) what seems to be the impossible-- becoming President of the United States of America. When my irritatingly popular arch-enemy, Bobby Olson, gets wind of my aspirations, he tells me that I can't be President because I'm a girl. Can you believe his nerve? Though I pride myself on having a perfect behaviour record, I respond with impulsive anger (which he totally deserved). I have a hard time keeping my thoughts from exiting my megaphone-mouth, which leads to a not-so-fun visit to the Principals office. Along with my friends, Josey and Scout, I will get the gumption to jump into the sometimes mud-filled pool of politics. Armed with my imaginative dreams, good friends and even a visit from Abraham Lincoln, I, Liberty Lil, will survive...but will I become class president?
     Liberty Lil is getting rave reviews from my mother and daughter!  Biased?  They may be, but take my word for it, it's a hoot!  Also, for every one person you share this with you will receive ten good citizen brownie points, awarded by me personally. Worthless?  Maybe!  But, you will get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you've helped my daughter afford another (yes, another) pony!
   Enough of my kind of crazy for now!  Thanks for your support!  -Christine

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