Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Take a stroll through the Moonshine Fine Art Gallery Below!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'll have the Linguini!

      Hello All!!!  I am having a hard time thinking of things to blog lately.  Is it possible that I have already spilled all of my knowledge out for all to read?  Yes...It is possible!     
      I have been writing a lot lately, excluding my blog.  Over the past couple of years I have been working on my writing skills by going to A Rally for Writers held each spring in Lansing.  I have always felt more than unworthy to be among writers.  I have always maintained the thought that wearing a cowboy hat does not earn the title of  'cowboy'.  But still I go, learn and try to  improve.  While commas, word structure and adverbs are still a mystery, I will draw from my literary hero, Nancy Drew, and solve the case of "the inexperienced writer".
       I had the opportunity to have the first ten pages of a manuscript I wrote read and critiqued by an editor, Teresa Crumpton.  I'm sure if Teresa were to read my blog she would be in editors Heaven.  Meeting with Teresa gave me validation as she loved my book and said "The story voice is fabulous. This is what agents, editors, and readers love."   This validates what my husband and mother have thought all along!
     I haven't much else to say so I thought I might add a little poem I wrote after a little elderly lady read a poem at last years writers rally.  I was inspired to write the following poem:

I’ll have theLinguini
by Christine Gardner Terpening

She read a poem called “Linguini”
Although she didn’t write it
Boy could she recite it
She was little and frail
This woman of seasoned age
Her voice bubbled and cracked of Italy
She read these words with passion…
“Lightly oiled, stuck to hips
Lavished with sauce, Kisses and fettucini”
Her voiced dropped low
“Rubbed, twining and braiding, cappellini
Lovers and Little neck clams”
Her voice climbed high
“Glistening, formagio, pinched,
Romano, twirled, vermicelli, long and smooth”
It was almost too much to take
We all shimmied in our seats
We tugged at our collars
Lips were wet and hungry
Our swallows we choked
And when she was done
We all needed a smoke!


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